Verto Value Regeration

Giovanni Pediconi

Giovanni Pediconi (44) is a manager with more than 15 years of national and international experience in industrial and services industries, with a specific knoledge in infrastructure and energy.

He worked as a consultant for Bain and KPMG in Italy and the U.K. At present, he deals with renewable energy, being partner in a development company and also as a consultant for companies belonging to the Deutsche Bank Group.

In doing so, he accumulated a wide experience in managing complex projects, both on the startup side and on the restructuring side. In particular, he managed the startup of an important initiative in the field of the renewable energies, the acquisition of companies, the setup of joint-ventures. The restructuring of the most important infrastructure management company in Italy. Previously, he worked as certified accountant and auditor.

Since 2007, he collaborates with VVR, with specific focus on industrial and corporate restructuring.

Giovanni owns a Degree magna cum laude in Economics at La Sapienza in Rome. He is a certified accountant (since 1995) and Official Auditor (since 1999). He speaks English.

Giovanni is married and lives in Rome with his three children.

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