Verto Value Regeration

Asset Disposal

During an assets disposal project, it is crucial that the sale activity is managed professionally, also involving external advisors, who are expert in the specific items (machinery, real estate, etc.) that are involved in the procedure. And this is for maximizing the value of the items, speeding the process up as much as possible and also assuring the necessary level of privacy.

We can give support to companies in defining the best solutions always considering:

  • market conditions: every asset is evaluated keeping into account the general economic conditions as well as the specific industry situation
  • seller needs:being the selling company in need for cash, it normally srtesses the speed of closing the sale as much as possible . Sometimes, it is possible to delay the sale, to have the possibility to consider different alternatives and strive for a better deal.
  • potential buyers: defining creative solutions, allows the company to consider a broader group of potential buyers
  • contractual terms: in order to create a customized solution for our clients, all contractual aspects are considered and not only the price, so that the effectiveness of our support is maximized.

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