Verto Value Regeration

Cost control and optimization

VVR supports its clients during the setup of an effective cost control system, which helps them not only to monitor their performance, but also to support their strategic decisions.

“Cost management “, “cost reduction”, “cost optimization” are frequent activities in every company and very often they are focused on getting more efficient processes rather than being considered in a broader strategic sense.

Often, the specific focus on process efficiency doesn’t produce enough results, although a thorough investigation of the internal flows of actions is paramount for simplifying and eliminating non value added activities.

To get significant results on the company profitability, deeper interventions are needed at strategy level, where even the business model could be affected. Examples of structural activities can be: a product portfolio revision, a new price strategy, a reduction of the current payroll, a delocalization of the production, etc.

We can support our clients in setting up a system of performance indicators, which monitors periodically all the core processes and builds up a common data base to be used by the management to take strategic or operative decisions.

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