Verto Value Regeration

Corporate restructuring

The change of the general economic conditions, the increased competitiveness coming from new markets and the inability to manage such difficult challenges over a longer timeframe, may generate the need for a revision of the entire business model. And this is for assuring continuity to the company.

These previous conditions need the definition and the implementation of new operative plans, identifying the short term actions as well as those which would need more time to be implemented.

Delocalization, manufacturing rationalization, acquisitions, disposals are only few of the strategic options that a company may consider. With the support of VVR, these flow of decisions will define a new business future, which, not only will create survival, but also a progressive flow of profits, and hence, new value .

A typical turnaround process needs speed of reaction and constant presence in all the phases of its implementation. VVR, through its experienced team, assures that those two factors are managed accordingly to pinpoint the success of the initiative.
The VVR contribution is based on solid experience maturated in several industries.

VVR srl, Verto Value Regeneration

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